vendredi 19 février 2010

My motivation book

Today, I am sharing my motivation book. I made this (small) book last october as a reward for my 2 years anniversary of better way of life. Since october 11th 2007, I walk daily for 45 minutes and I didn't touch any kind of sweet dessert. Of course I lost some pounds. And to stay motivated I am taking a photo on the 11th of each month and of course I scrap it in this little book to remember. So here is the cover

This is february pages

January pages



And finally October
That's all for now, stay healthy!
Have a creative friday!
Michelle *Ü*

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  1. Hi Michelle~I am so happy to see this post for 2 reasons. First-I can see your beautiful, smiling face! I like knowing what you look like and you should be very proud of this accomplishment of walking every day. (I wish I was that disciplined!) Secondly, while I have seen (and own) many things you've made, this is something that you made for your own personal use. It is a beautiful book filled with so many special embellishments that you've created. I made each picture large so I could study each detail. You are so gifted! The hand holding the heart-is that a template you used? I think I have that but never thought of using the heart with it-I love that one the most I think! Thank you for sharing this personal glimpse of yourself. I'm glad we're blog friends!