dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Creative Book - Part two

So here is the second part of my finished creative book. Some more of my favorite pages.

Have a creative Sunday!
Michelle *Ü*

mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Grande Final!

So this is the very last week of the calendar challenge at TheCraftBarn. I made the cover and photographed all of the months.

I am so glad I completed this challenge!
Have a creative Wednesday!
Michelle *Ü*

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Week #12 and Some Snowflakes!

For this last challenge at TheCraftBarn the theme was embossing. You can't tell by the photo but the ornaments, crown and sentiment are heat embossed. So this calendar is completed now. I am ready for 2013 now!
So we will have a white Christmas again this year. We got some snow yesterday. Isn't it beautiful?!

This is it for now.
Have a creative Wednesday!
Michelle *Ü*

vendredi 14 décembre 2012

Art Journal = Creative Book

I don't like to call it an Art Journal as I don't write any journaling in it and it is not a mixed media type of thing either. So its official personnality is a creative book. I made it myself from stash on my desk, a lot of recycling, coptic binding and it took me over 4 months to completed. Today I am showing you some pages but I think there will be a second part and maybe a third one, I'll see...


This is it for today!
Have a creative Friday!
michelle *Ü*

lundi 10 décembre 2012

Week #11 - WhenThings Don't Work Together!

It all started with an easy challenge at TheCraftBarn this week. Circles. And it ends up with this page that I don't really like. I don't know why I choose these colors. I don't like the almost look like a watermelon slice circle and the other almost like a pie.... I will have to live with it because I can't tear off my page. My book is already sewn together. Sometimes things don't want to work together!
Have a creative monday!

mardi 4 décembre 2012

Week #10

Easy challenge this week at TheCraftBarn ! Trees. How easy and fun this time! So here is my take. Only 2 weeks to go and my calendar 2013 will be done!
Have a creative Tuesday!
Michelle *Ü*

dimanche 2 décembre 2012

I've Been Published!

Oh my! I got my copy of Canadian Scrapbooker on friday. I have 2 projects in this one. 
A Christmas card in non-traditional colors. 
And a 12 x 12 layout. The themed was cartoon. I'm very happy! It is the first time that I got 2 projects in one magazine. Happy dance! 
Have a creative Sunday!
Michelle *Ü*

mardi 27 novembre 2012

Week #9

This week at TheCraftBarn for the calendar challenge, it is a color theme. Teal, rusty and white. Never I would have mix these by myself, but forced to admit the result is pretty cool. I colored my zentangle with distress inks (peacock feather and rusty hinge)
Have a creative Tuesday!
Michelle *Ü*

lundi 26 novembre 2012

Mini Christmas Tree

Did you ever soak mini Christmas tree in bleach? You know the green ones from the dollar store. I read that on a blog. So sorry I can't remember where it was! Soak them about 20-30 minutes. Rinse. Let dry. And then spray with a mix of alcohol and few drops of alcohol ink.  I love these colors!
Have a creative Monday!

mardi 20 novembre 2012

Week #8

This week at TheCraftBarn the theme is children/cute. So I made this page with cute stamp and still colored with my distress inks. August is back to school time, so this little girl is happy to leave home and go back to school even if she has no face!
Have a creative Tuesday!

mercredi 14 novembre 2012

Avez-vous vu ça? Did you see this?

Happy, happy girl!
Je suis une fille contente, contente! Je fais parti de l'équipe créative LimeCitron.
Merci Janick!

Week #7

This week at TheCraftBarn the theme is candle... I didn't want my July page look like Christmas. So I turned it to a hope candle, because we all know a girl who is fighting... A simple draw colored with distress inks
Have an inspirational day!

Week #6

Week #6 at TheCraftBarn was to use felt. So I diecut a pink felt bird and colored the background with distress inks

Have a creative day!

Week #5

Finaly I found a way to use my ipad to feed my blog since my computer died 2 weeks ago. So this is the challenge at TheCraftBarn, week 5. To use paper tape. I made my own with white tissu paper and colored with my distress inks. May has to be a happy page because my birthday is in that month.
Have a creative Wednesday!

mardi 13 novembre 2012

Boitatou for Christmas

I cut a window in the lid of the box and added a battery operated tea light in the back. I am happy with the result.

Have a creative Tuesday

mardi 23 octobre 2012

Week #4

This week at The Craft Barn they are challenging us with doodles for our calendar page. I didn't want to make something similar to my february page, so I went lightly on doodling for the butterfly, wall paper and tablecloth...The jar is a digital stamp from LimeCitron.
Have a creative Tuesday!
Michelle *Ü*

mercredi 17 octobre 2012

Boitatou An Altered Shipping Box

Today, I am showing you an altered shipping box, originally, these were made to ship cards, thick cards, you know when you add beautiful flowers and ornaments on card and they don't fit in an envelope anymore...I decided to altered mine with a small shadow box.
When close and almost ready to be ship, only have to write the address 
A fun little project.
Have a creative Wednesday
Michelle *Ü*

lundi 15 octobre 2012

Calendar Challenge #3

...The Craft Barn Challenge was not really easy this week. It's a color theme: yellow, white and green. Ok, ok I added some brown and light blue too...And I came up with this little landscape in washed tone...
I also sewn all the pages of my calendar to this piece of thick fabric. It is not decorated yet, but it will be... 
Have a creative monday!
Michelle *Ü*

lundi 8 octobre 2012

week 2 - The Craft Barn Challenge

This week the theme is bright colors over at The Craft Barn for the calendar challenge. Is my february page is bright enoug? I love doing these doodling. I simply draw the lines with a permanent marker and colored it with my distress inks.
Have a creative Monday!
Michelle *Ü*

mardi 2 octobre 2012

City Crafter Challenge - Guest Designer

Woot! This week I am the guest designer over at City Crafter Challenge Blog. It is a color theme choosen by Linda. I decided to make a little photo holder with a paper clip that we all have in our home. Come and play with us!
And this is the back! 
Have a creative Tuesday!
Michelle *Ü*

lundi 1 octobre 2012

Calendar Challenge At The Craft Barn

I am trying this challenge at The Craft Barn. Hopefully I will make the 12 weeks to make a complete calendar. The first challenge is vellum. I used vellum for the wings of my angel. Why don't you play?
Have a creative Monday!
Michelle *Ü*

dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Recycled Art Box

Today I am sharing the way I am making my little art box (for wall or as shelfsitter). I have several of these almost 4" x 6" sturdy old game boxes.
I first attached the lid to the bottom with masking tape. And glued some paper strips all around.  
And finished by gluing some paper on the front and back.  
I don't like mod podge or gesso so I transfered my own pattern directly on the vintage paper. 
I colored the image with my distress inks. 
Added some shadows 
Added some details 
Added more shadows 
Added some highlights and I was done. 
Enjoy art! 
Have a creative Sunday!
Michelle *Ü*