mercredi 2 juin 2010

I've Been Published!

I've been published for the second time in Stamper' Sampler. In the Tempting Template section on page 78. I got my copy in the mail yesterday when I came back from work! I am so happy!

The template was a hat shape and I made a card out of it with heat embossing embellishments! You should see all of other submissions! Wonderful Works!

Have a creative Wednesday!
Michelle *Ü*

5 commentaires:

  1. Hi Michelle~
    Congratulations on being published (again) and in such a prestegious publication! You have such a wonderful talent and a great eye for putting images, papers and stamps together to make dynamic art. I love the top hat you did...I'm going out tomorrow to look for the magazine! Then I will show it to my friends and tell them that my far-away friend made it!!! Bravo!
    (I'm glad you came over to enter my drawing)

  2. Hey, congratulations, Michelle!

  3. How cool it that... Congratulation.

  4. hooray and congratulations!

    (just popped over from scrap for joy)


  5. Oh I missed this first time around, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! Its my very favorite of all the challenge pieces!