dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Recycled Art Box

Today I am sharing the way I am making my little art box (for wall or as shelfsitter). I have several of these almost 4" x 6" sturdy old game boxes.
I first attached the lid to the bottom with masking tape. And glued some paper strips all around.  
And finished by gluing some paper on the front and back.  
I don't like mod podge or gesso so I transfered my own pattern directly on the vintage paper. 
I colored the image with my distress inks. 
Added some shadows 
Added some details 
Added more shadows 
Added some highlights and I was done. 
Enjoy art! 
Have a creative Sunday!
Michelle *Ü*

1 commentaire:

  1. WoW! j'aime tellement tes dessins, t'as toujours de belles et brillantes idées! Je te copie ok!