lundi 6 février 2012

I don't know!

No, I don't know how to call this "thing" I've just finished. It is not a mannequin and it is not a santos cage doll either. But a mix of both. It is about 24 inches high. I decorated it with few things but nothing is glued so I can change it season to season. I already have an idea for next Christmas! I know it is far from now but... The watch around the neck is from my mother. It's not working anymore but it is still very precious to me.
This is me on the photo when I was 6. The quote read "Life is better when it's fun!"
Have a creative Monday!
Michelle *Ü*

2 commentaires:

  1. Well I love it whatever you want to call it!!! Very neat using the watch of your Moms.

  2. I say just send it to me!!!! You know, I collect dress form related things and this is a beauty. I love the size of it old or did you find it someplace special? I love the way you've decorated her. The watch is a great idea! You are such a cutie...still are.Please come and visit me on Thursday...I have an idea for a swap and would love to know what you think.