jeudi 20 mai 2010

My distrezz-it-all...

Voilà! Here is my little pink Beauty. I didn't play much with it yet but already I know I don't like to distrezz more than 2 or 3 cardstock in one time, even if the pub says 10-12. I also distrezzed thick chipboard and corrugatedboard, one by one and it worked fine with me. The pub says also wood but honestly I don't think I will give it a try...

This library card is the first thing I have distrezzed yesterday before to make the Bravo tag. I was very happy with the result.

And here is a mini album that I just begun. Only the front cover is made for now but you can see the idea. All the page are already distrezzed. It gives dimension to the album. I love the feel when I turn the pages

You can also watch her video on youtube here
And since the camera was with me downstair I wanted to show you that I have organised all my clear stamps in cd plastic case (well, almost all! My cloud9 sets are not in there...)
So have a Creative thursday, me, I'll work later!
Michelle *Ü*

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Michelle~
    I just saw this new Zutter "toy" in my local stamp store the other day and I'm trying to decide if I need it-LOL! I like how you've organized your clear stamps in the CD cases..I need to do something like that. Thanks for letting us have a peek of your creative process-the book already looks like it will be amazing!
    I love working with library cards, bingo cards and the like. They make wonderful backgrounds.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. How fun, I've seen the video before and thought it look cool. You'll be distressing everything now! Good for you on getting your stamps into cd cases. Thats how I store mine also. I love it. Ashamed to say I have 3 revolving cd racks filled already. I have way to many stamps .LOL