samedi 3 juillet 2010

A little update about my Motivation Book!!

It's about time! I made four new pages since my first post about my motivation book. If you want to see it, it's here! I am still taking a photo on the 11th of each month. It is not as easy as we can think! Sometimes life happens, but so far I made it!
So this is March.

Here, it is April. What I like about this photo, it's because I "altered" it with the help of picnik. If you don't know this site go and play with your photo. It is really fun!

Now it's May. I printed the photo and stamped the quote "Insist on yourself never imitate"

And finally June. What I like about this photo, it's because it's my younger daughter who took it!

So this is it!
Have a creative saturday!
Michelle *Ü*

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