jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Motivation Book: The End!

A year has gone, my motivation book is finished now. Remember I was taking a photo every 11th of each month to keep my motivation at a high level. A full year is in this little book. Now I have to find a new challenge for myself and I think I found it! But this is not the subject of this post! So this is the last 4 pages. This is the month of July. This photo was taken in my home.

This is August and this is the only photo that was not taken on the 11th. I simply forgot! Incredible!! And I think it is my favorite page, it is very simple but the colors have some energy!

Now September, the journaling tag is hiding in the little envelope on the left. It doesn't show much but the pocket watch frame is heat embossed in silver color. This is a huge stamp!

And finaly, October. I choose to not put my face on the last page but I put my shoes that I walk with. So 11th october was my 3rd anniversary of having a much more better life style. The journaling is not done yet, I'll do it probably tonight!

This is it for now!
Have a creative thursday!
Michelle *Ü*

2 commentaires:

  1. I like the August pages, too. The colors are so vibrant and I love the photo of are so cute! And...the angel wings are so fitting! Great job Michelle.

  2. I love your mini album and i can't say what I like most. I just like the "ensemble". Very nice!