mercredi 3 août 2011

Alter It Monthly Challenge - Sirens And Deep Blue Sea!

This month at Alter it monthly the theme is Siren/Mermaid, ok, since I am not completely bilingual, is there any difference between a siren and a mermaid? I think no but maybe I'm wrong. So this month I altered a clear plastic box. You know, we all buy stuff and this was a box of pencil. And I choose to make a bird mermaid!!!! Yes, a bird mermaid! After I finished it, I just realized that it looks like a small aquarium with my mermaid inside! I had fun doing this challenge again!

And I gave her a real false pearl necklace!
Have a creative Wednesday!
Michelle *Ü*

8 commentaires:

  1. I love your interpretation of this challenge. Your bird/mermaid is very beautiful with her pearls and attractive tail. I always thought a "siren" meant a sexy lady...your mermaid in the "tank" fills the bill! :D

  2. Recycling and thinking out of the box. Stunning idea. (:o) Elly

  3. Absolutely brilliant Michelle, I just love everything about your project, from the signs at the top right down to the blink blink beautiful coloured ribbon. Fabulous!

  4. In early greek mythology the Sirens are bird-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.(so usually seen with long flowing hair sitting on rocks looking tempting lol.) the Romans had them more closely liked to the sea as daughters of Phorcys. so they are not the ones with the fish tails. leaves a little scope for what images people use in their art ;)

    so it appropriate that you have a bird LOL

    And on the subject of art... thank you so much for joining us at alter it monthly again :)
    I love your original and unique penguin. I totally love this project.

  5. Hi
    Your use of the bird image is so clever as Zuzu correctly points out, that is what a Siren was, bird/woman so your bird mermaid is perfect for this challenge.
    It is nothing short of brilliant!!!

  6. What an original take on the challenge! I love the re-use of the clear box, and I also love that the bird is wearing pearls! so classy! x

  7. This is so wonderful and creative! lovely and interesting!