samedi 13 août 2011

A Before And After Project

I had this wooden money box since so long.... I decide to alter it in some way. I wanted to make something that no one will know that it was a money box. I simply added a lid/roof to look like a house. I made the lid from chipboard and kraft paper.
I also covered the edges of the box so now it looks like a paper maché box...... please note my cup of milky coffee at the right side!!
The lid/roof open
I used 7gypsies patterned paper to cover it.

Now, you all know about my secret money box!
Have a creative week-end!
Michelle *Ü*

4 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for showing it and sharing. Love it.

    (i am wishing we could make money to fill it with ourselves to, hahaha)

  2. I promise that if I come to your house to steal your money box, I will leave the money and only take the beautiful box! I'm working on a project right now for my new dining room using the same 7 Gypsies papers you used...I love them! (I have to remember to include a red stamp :D )Thanks for showing us this inventive project. You always inspire me Michelle!!

  3. wonderfully made! love this project!