mardi 19 janvier 2010

I Have Been Published!

I have been published in the Stamplers' Sampler Magazine (dec/jan) with a "Oui je le veux" Corset Card. I am on page 75. You can visit their site at http:/ There is a wonderful gallery under "the studio" Full of great ideas! *Ü*

3 commentaires:

  1. I am so excited about your blog Michele! (And thank you for the English!) I wish i could just run over and help you with the things you'd like to do...when you want to leave a comment on a blog, just hit the comment button and I think there will be instrucitons. I know I'm signed up to do that through Google. I will be reading faithfully! Joyce

  2. I forgot to say Congratulations on being published! I think they should do an entire article about your beautiful work!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog. Welcome in the blogland! Congrats too on being published. You are a great artist.
    What a cute profile picture!
    I´ll mail you for your questions now .

    PS: I only can follow the blog with my main name of the cat blog, sorry.