mardi 26 janvier 2010

My scrap space...

...what do I have on my table today? In fact, it is not even a table. No, it is a plain door that I recycled and turned it into a big scrapbooking table. (of course I took out the door knob before!) I screwed it to the wall and added 2 small shelves under to help holding everything together. It looks like a little bit messy but it is not too bad!

Here it is an unfinished paper bag album, started 2 weeks or so ago. I don't work much on it. It is an album for my favorite photos of both daughters. I should finish it. I can see in my creative mind how beautiful it will be...

Some of my favorite stamps are here. Clear and rubber stamps. Some are still on their original sheets and some are in cd clear case.

Here you can find some of my woodmounted rubber stamps. It is not a huge collection but I am still using them.

And I just wanted to show you how I mount my rubber stamp on acrylic block. Well, I mean on plexiglass. I bought a broken piece at the hardware store and I cut it with my scrollsaw the size I need.

I hope you enjoyed the visit. I will finish the paper bag album and post some photos here soon! Well, I hope!

Have a great evening!

Michelle *Ü*

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh, Michelle, that is a pretty scrap space.
    It is definitive not messy.
    This post gives me the idea to move with my creating space. My place IS totally messed. I still work on a Valentine ATC Swap.
    Oups, Swap....I´m here to say thank you!!!
    Thank you for your lovely valentine. I love it so much.What a thoughtful idea to make a paperdoll. And all these papergoodies are wonderful. I´ll post about it when you finally received my envelope too. Hope so much it comes soon and you´ll like it too.
    I´ll also show my place if I have time for a clean up ;o) or I´ve moved with my mess!


  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for letting us have a peek at the place where the magic happens. I don't know of one creative person who does not have a messy place. It helps us be inspired. I'm trying to finish up with two swaps....still a lot I want to get done. Joyce