mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Happy, Happy Mail!

Bonsoir everyone! Today I want to show you some stamps I got in my mailbox lately. Today I received these that I won at Danielle's blog. They are great! I can't wait to play with them!
She also send me a double side tag with Dorothy and her friends. Sorry for the not so good photo, because today there was no sun in the sky! Just clouds!

And the other day I received an envelope from UK. I didn't expect anything from there. The so talented Lynne send me these cancellations postmarks stamps (Québec and Ontario) Aren't these incredible! If you don't know Lynne or Danielle, I suggest to go to visit their blogs! In the photo I wanted to show the little embellishment I made with shrink plastic and the postmark stamp. I think they 're cute!
Thank you so much Creative Ladies!
Michelle *Ü*

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